Scholarship Information

Scholarship Program 2012-13 Season

For: UMW Philharmonic Students Only

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The Friends of the Philharmonic are pleased to offer its Philharmonic Scholars program for the 2012-13 season. Besides our endowed scholarships, this program creates (2) two additional sources of funding to support students enrolled in the UMW Philharmonic, and aids in recruiting top musicians to the university.The first component of the program is called the Philharmonic Scholars, which creates two (2) full tuition and expenses scholarships to incoming Freshmen (already offered this year). This is a one-time only gift for these students, and two of our current first year students are the initial recipients.The second component of the program is the Service Scholarship, which is available to all orchestra students, regardless of major, year, or seat. This is what you are applying for. The Service Scholarship is based on participation in orchestra, and also on service to the Music Department and/or the community. The amount granted to an individual depends on the quantity and quality of service. You create your own scholarship!

Service Chart

Service Opportunities: Projects must be pre-approved by Dr. Bartram, and must be verified by a faculty member at the conclusion of the project. For some projects, the exact amount of scholarship may depend on the value of the project to the department, and the degree to which it is done well. Some tasks may receive more $ per hour.Students will be required to submit an application “Proposed Service Plan” to Dr. Bartram prior to starting a task. The plan will include a (a) description on the duty, (b) what will have to be done in order to fully complete the task, (c) how many people involved, (d) anticipated number of hours for completion, and (e) a signature and date of the faculty member or staff member assisting.2012-13 Service Projects &

Amount of Scholarship

1. Friends of the Philharmonic Board student representative-$500
2. Database work for Friends of Philharmonic-$1,000
3. Rehearsal hall clean and maintain-already assigned
4. PR/Marketing Philharmonic-$500
5. Chamber music performances-variable
6. Local school sectional rehearsals-variable
7. Special projects to assist music dep’t faculty (must be approved by faculty member & Dr. Bartram) 


    1. Can I receive more than $2,000 for a major project? Yes, if the project is determined to be of extraordinary worth. This may be determined at the pre-approval stage.

2. What if none of these service projects appeal to me? This list is not exhaustive. Try speaking with faculty members about what they may need, or brainstorm with your fellow students. Try collaborating on something. Or, just go for Step 1 and attend rehearsals.

3. Can a chamber performance count? Yes, and the hours spent in FULL group rehearsal count towards your hours. Also, time spent marketing the program and selecting music counts. Special consideration will be given for degree of literature and how difficult it was to get a group together.

4. What if I’m good at technology? We need assistance with marketing concerts and publicity. All projects here do require approval of faculty.

5. What if I start a project and run into difficulty? Some projects (such as inventory, cleaning, or school visits) are not meant to be completed, but are maintenance issues. In those cases, you will be evaluated on hours and quality of work only. If the project does required a completion, a minor direction change only is what’s needed. Seek assistance from your faculty point of contact or Dr. Bartram. It may be determined, however, that the project simply cannot be completed. At that point, you may decide to try another project or attempt to fix the current project. Carefully consider and plan the project before beginning to avoid this problem, but if a problem does occur, it will hopefully be in the beginning stages.

6. Can I use this money to defray tuition or tour costs? This money will come in the form of a tuition reduction during the Spring. You can do whatever you’d like with that reduction.