Scholarship Information


We annually award several scholarships, including:

  • Friends of the Philharmonic Scholarship: NEW! Friends is now awarding up to two (2) full tuition and expenses scholarships worth $7,500 each to incoming Freshmen or transfer students, nominated by the conductor. The award is the 2nd highest given at UMW, and is meant for the very highest-level incoming performer.
  • Henry & Grace Spicer Award. The value of this award is $4,000, and is renewable each year. The award is merit-based for students who demonstrate high degrees of musicianship and leadership, and is voted by the full-time faculty of the music department in consultation with the Dean of Faculty.
  • Baker Scholarship Awards Each student member of the orchestra is eligible for this scholarship: Full awards = $500.00-$1,250.  Half awards = $250-375.00


The Baker awards are earned for participation during the entire academic year. As awards are given in March of each year, Spring tuition bills, which are due earlier, have to be paid in full. Students receive a credit for tuition expenses. For graduating seniors, this may come in the form of a reimbursement.

Awards are attendance-based.

  • Woodard Scholarship Awards  This award is $250, given to two to three students each year.  A student who receives this award (recognized at the end of the fall term) must continue participation in the orchestra through the ensuing spring term.  The scholarship support is received as a reduction in collegiate expenses (tuition, on-campus living expenses, bookstore, etc.) for the spring term. The recipients are selected by the conductor and are based on service to the orchestra and performance.
  • Russell-Sabetty Scholarship Awards The recipients are rising junior and senior level orchestra participants who exhibit musicianship, leadership, and other qualities that distinguish them as being of exceptional value to the orchestra.  The two awards are made each year in the spring.  Terms of acceptance are full participation in the orchestra for both terms of the ensuing academic year.  Each term the recipient receives a $250 collegiate expense reduction.  The recipients are selected by the conductor with input by the string faculty.
  • Kramer Scholarship Award  This award is presented to one (full value) or two (half value each) string students who will serve as leaders in their section.  Selection of the recipient(s) is made by the conductor, with input by the string faculty.  The value of this award is:  Sole recipient = $800, half recipient = $400. 
  • Martha Johnson Scholarship Award The value of this award is $500.  It may be divided among several deserving students.  The conductor of the orchestra designates the recipient or recipients of this award.