Board of Directors


UMW Philharmonic

Board of Directors

Board of Directors of the Friends of the Philharmonic

The Board of Directors of the Friends serves as an elected, governing body of individuals who work on behalf of the Friends of the Philharmonic to monitor the financial activities, generate interest in the Orchestra and its activities, and assist with concerts and related Orchestra events.

Friends of the Orchestra Board of Directors 2010-2011 Season

Sandra B. Anderson
Rosemary Barra
Kevin Bartram, conductor
Megan Bevill
Susan Carol, vice-chair
Kathleen Carol
Martha Crimmins
Elizabeth Garnett
Harvey Gold
Roberta Gold
Spencer Greenwald
Shirley Main, secretary
Michael W. Morley II, ex-officio
Louise Morton
Douglas Noble
Kay Roach
Anne Scott
Troy Snuffer, treasurer
Conrad Warlick, chair

Student liaisons

Spring 2011 Full Board Meeting Dates

Feb. 17, 7:30pm

March 31, 7:30pm

May 12, 7:30pm


Orchestra Board of Advisors

Dr. Charlotte Collins-Dean, Conservatory of Music, Shenandoah University, Winchester, VA
Dr. James Grant- Composer-in-Residence, Bay-Atlantic Symphony , Rehoboth, DE
Julia Kirchhausen- Vice President of Public Relations for the American Symphony Orchestra League
Dr. Dale Lonis- Director, School of Music, University of Manitoba, Canada
David Pickens- Marketing Director, U.S. Mint (retired), Alexandria, VA
Daniel Hege- Music Director, Syracuse Symphony, NY

Orchestra Staff

Kevin P. Bartram-Music Director
Doug Gately-Woodwinds Instructor
Marshall Maley-Percussion Instructor
Michael W. Morley II-Orchestra Manager 
Johanna Beaver-Violin/Viola Instructor 
James Forry-Cello Instructor
Paul Henry-Contrabass Instructor
Gary Carper-Low Brass Instructor
Jeanne Chalifoux-Harp Instructor