The UMW Philharmonic, supported by the Friends of the Philharmonic, is fortunate to have one of the largest and most progressive scholarship programs in the nation. With more than $1.3 million in endowments, we are able to award more than $45,000 per year to deserving orchestra students, regardless of major! Here are the available scholarships for 2014-15.

James E. Baker Scholarship: $750-$2,000/year [EVERY student in orchestra]
The “Philharmonic Scholars,” awards money each year from the Baker Scholarship. Funds are based on service and merit. In a unique twist, students “create their own” scholarship by completing a musical service project during the year. Once completed, students receive a stipend that ranges from $750-$2,000 each or more! Projects may involve performance in chamber music series, musical research, community engagement, or work with area schools. One student recently produced a talent show at a local retirement home, for example. Another student ran sectionals at a local high school.

IN ADDITION to the Philharmonic Scholars, we award money based on auditions and participation in the orchestra. These scholarships include:

Henry & Grace Spicer Award: $5,290/year [4 students]
This award is renewable each year. The award is merit-based for students who demonstrate high degrees of musicianship and leadership, and is voted by the director of the Philharmonic and the full-time faculty of the music department in consultation with the Dean of Faculty. The recipient must be a music major.

Mary Wynn Richmond McDaniel Philharmonic Scholarship: $2,680
The Mary Wynn & Richmond McDaniel Scholarshipwas founded in 2013 by the McDaniel family, who have been invaluable arts patrons and pillars of the community. The McDaniels have served on the Philharmonic Board, and wanted to provide this scholarship as an enticement for local students to come to the university and play in the orchestra. The McDaniel Scholarship is given each year to an incoming freshman who demonstrates a high level of musicianship. The recipient does not have to be a music major. To be eligible for this award, students must audition in the Spring prior to enrolling. Please contact us for more information.

Virginia H. Powell Philharmonic Scholarship: $2,120
The Virginia H. Powell Philharmonic scholarship recognizes outstanding freshman musicians who are accepted into the Philharmonic. The scholarship was founded by the Powell Family, who have been invaluable and longtime supporters of the Philharmonic. Students must reside locally in order to receive this scholarship, and must audition in the Spring prior to enrolling. Please contact us for more information.

Kramer Scholarship Award: $1,160
The Kramer Orchestra Scholarship was founded by the late Charles and Lenore Kramer, community leaders and patrons of the Arts. They were the first contributors to the orchestra, and this represents the very first orchestra scholarship. The award is designated to outstanding string players of the orchestra for leadership and musicianship.

Martha Johnson Orchestra Scholarship: $830
The Martha Johnson Orchestra Scholarship was founded by Mr. & Mrs. Orrick F. Johnson Sr. and Martha Kimball Johnson ‘58, community leaders and patrons of the Arts. The award is in recognition of outstanding contribution to the orchestra. This award can go to any student in the orchestra, regardless of major or instrument. The conductor of the orchestra designates the recipient or recipients of this award.

Prince B Woodard Orchestra Scholarship: $1,340
The Woodard Orchestra Scholarship was founded by Dr. Prince B. Woodard, President of MWC at the founding of Friends of the Orchestra. He was instrumental in establishing orchestra scholarships in 1985 to students in the orchestra. The award recognizes outstanding musical achievement and leadership by example.

Russell-Sabetty Orchestra Scholarship: $1,900
The Russell Sabetty Orchestra Scholarship was established by Mr. & Mrs. John C. Russell to perpetuate the memory of Mr. & Mrs. Russell and Mr. Russell’s sister, Blanche. Blanche Sabetty graduated from Mary Washington in 1929 and had a long history of supporting the arts. The Russells were long time supporters of the orchestra through generous contributions as well as concert attendance. To receive this scholarship, students must be sophomores or juniors, exhibit outstanding leadership and musicianship, and be of exceptional value to the orchestra. The recipient may come from any section and does not have to be a music major.